"...Art is not what you see,
but what you make others see

My work includes abstracts of varying emotional pull, from mellow and flowing to dark and intense ... I make effort on leaving the viewer peering in deeper as if to capture the emotion and hold it. My most recent works also include figurative paintings that try to transport my art viewer to another realm. I work on making my subjects ethereal in their beauty and femininity. A lot of viewers wonder if my subject is a self portrait, I think I have to admit that I do put a bit of myself into each painting...literally and figuratively. And it comes through in the personalities of the subjects, each holding a piece of the serenity found within my soul.

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Born in Beijing, China, Wenli’s interest for drawing started to show in her early childhood, and has become her focus ever since. She graduated from Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in the 90's, and following her passion for literature and arts, worked as journalist/editor many years. In 1998, she started studying at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, majoring in Graphic design.
After a few years working as a graphic designer, she had a chance to live and travel to many places in Asia, America and Europe, experiencing and studying both eastern and western culture and history. She finally dedicated herself into fine arts, becoming a full-time professional artist in 2006. Her work includes abstracts and figurative paintings.


2012 September -- "Texas: Bold and Abstract" Group Exhibition at Dallas LuminArte Gallery
2012 October -- Show case at Dallas World Trade Center
2013 February -- "Frontier" Group Exhibition at Dallas Blow-up Gallery
2013 March -- "Plano Art Association 125 8th Annual Juried Show" aNew ano TX
2013 August -- "Change" Plano Art Association Juried Show at Plano PAA downtown gallery
2013 September -- "In the eye of The BeHolder" Texas Visual Art Association Juried Show
April -- "Plano Art Association 9 9th Annual Juried Show" at Plano TX
2014 May --The 29th Texas & Neighbors Regional Competition
2014 September --The Misfit Gallery Art Exhibits

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